The Mark of the Beast

If we look at the book of Revelation in the Holy Bible. Which was formerly called the The Book of the Apocalypse. You will see in chapter 13 verses 15 to 18, events in the near future .

Remember that a Beast is a Political Power.

If you look at REV 13:16 you will see that the Beast makes people have a character in their right hand or forehead.

The word character, as we can see is a (distinctive mark),
(writing generally) and/or (a secret cipher).

The Barcode lines are the writing which represents numbers and also a (secret cipher).

If we look at the word cipher we will see that one of its meanings is
(anything of little value).
Now when the time comes to have the Barcode/Mark, the Governmental World Power will try to make it seem of little value at first and the right thing to do.

Cipher also means (an interweaving of initials of a name).
If we look at REV 13:17 we will see at the end part of the verse it says...
the number of the beast or the number of his nameand at the end of
REV 13:18 it says
his number is six hundred and sixty-six So we can see how these verses apply to the 666 in the Barcode.

And there's more yet. . .

Cipher also means (a secret mode of writing).
The numbers 666 are hidden so, it is a secret Barcode writing.
It also says (to write in cipher) i.e. to write in secret.

And now the killer blow. . .

Cipher also means (to work at arithmetic), and arithmetic is maths or mathematics which is the counting of numbers.

Lets link that to REV 13:18 which says Here is wisdom . Now that wisdom is the wisdom of GOD, it also says He that has understanding and now you do thanks to what you have read here.
It also goes on to say in REV 13:18 let him count the number of the beast . To count is mathematics or arithmetic and finally it says the number is six hundred and sixty-six (666) ”.

Now The Book of Revelation is the last book of the Bible and was wrote in 96 A.D. in the island of Patmos, where Saint John the Apostle was in banishment by order of the cruel Emperor Domitian, about sixty-four (64) years after Jesus Ascension into Heaven. That's approximately 1900 years ago.

Now ask yourselves? how could a book written 1900 years ago talk about a computer Barcode technology, lest it was sent from GOD as a Warning.

As GOD knows everything from the beginning to end.

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